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Bill Gates and MalariaBill Gates and His $10 Billion Vaccine Scam
by Thomas C. Mountain (2011) 

Why is it that worldwide headlines greet Bill Gates announcement of his “vaccine” program while the biggest breakthrough in one of the major threats to life in much of the world remains unknown?

A couple of years ago Bill Gates announced that he was “donating” $10 billion to fund “vaccine research” for some of the worlds worst diseases. About $1 billion of Bill Gates donation/tax deduction was ear marked for research to find a vaccine to prevent malaria which is the number one killer in Africa. (more…)

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By Byron J. Richards (2006) [edited]

The United States government and especially the FDA have placed the vast resources of our federal government behind a twisted public healthcare agenda that perpetuates the profits of the elite and the unspoken primary agenda of eugenics. Public healthcare policy is a system designed to convince Americans to hand over their remaining freedoms, as a decayed government grapples to maintain control over its increasingly restless citizens.

In a free society, a majority of individuals can establish an emotional bond in the doctor-patient relationship that inspires hopefulness. There are many healthcare options a patient may choose to fortify personal health, options that are naturally embraced by physicians whom have the patient as their top priority. (more…)

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Vaccination 2 The following is a complete verbatim transcription from a recent broadcast of “Network 23”, a program shown on a local Los Angeles Public Access Cable Channel.


Good evening, I’m Michel Kassett. This is Network 23. A couple of weeks ago we had a program on the subject of AIDS, addressing the question of whether AIDS — the AIDS virus — was created by the government; and I’m sure that some people were quite shocked by what they heard. We spent that entire program relating to you the evidence of a very substantial amount of factual evidence which supports the proposition that AIDS is a synthetic biological agent that was deliberately engineered by the US government as an instrument of depopulation. This is by far the most controversial and dangerous subject that we have ever addressed on this program, so I would like to review briefly the major points — the most significant pieces of evidence — that I presented two weeks ago. (more…)

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Vaccination 2 AIDS as a Weapon of War
by Dr. William Campbell Douglas, M.D.
Introduction & Comments by Jim Shults (1989)

Taken from KeelyNet BBS


I must admit I am just a little gun shy of doing this particular article. The reason is pretty obvious. Who in hell is going to plead guilty to inventing the AIDS virus. Do I think it was invented? Absolutely and without a doubt.

Firstly, where in hell has it been during the last 5000 years? Why haven’t we had exposure to it sooner, like in the last 50 years?

All of a sudden certain countries and entire continents are coming down with the AIDS virus and no organization, body, group, or whatever you care to call it has even a clue to the real source, and it sure as hell isn’t some monkey in Africa, that’s for sure. (more…)

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Medical MafiaFrom “The Medical Mafia
By Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.


What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people’s health, both in industrialized countries and in the Third World? It is always difficult to presume the intentions of others, particularly when one is not close to them. And this is true in this instance.

But there are certainly advantages for someone, somewhere, to so doggedly keep-up the campaign for vaccinations, by any and all means possible. They must profit someone, somewhere. One thing is certain. It is not to our advantage. In order to determine what these advantages are, and for whom, let us stop and look at the CONSEQUENCES of these massive vaccination programs and draw our own conclusions. (more…)

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Doctor WHO 'Curing' Small PoxWHO for Health Experimentation and Control

As the World Health Organization (WHO) seems like a front store corporation for implementing the New World Order, I set out to find more information on their claims. All I needed to do was to look at the search engine results.

Of course, the WHO was to give its own version of its claimed success. However, the information was ‘not available in English’. It is no problem, because I doubt they would offer to explain how AIDS replaced smallpox in Africa. (There are many excellent sites that discuss the difference between HIV (natural) and AIDS (purposeful).)

A coincidence? Much too much coinciding. Here are the search engine results that made it clear that WHO or NWO vaccines and gentech drugs, have nothing to do with cure. (more…)

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WHO Logo KundaliniWorld Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a member of the United Nations Development Group. Its predecessor, the League of Nations Health Organization was established following the First World War inside the League of Nations framework.

The use of the word “world” emphasised the truly global nature of what the organization was seeking to achieve. It thus became the first specialised agency of the United Nations to which every member subscribed.  Its first priorities were to control the spread of malaria, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections, and to improve maternal and child health, nutrition and environmental hygiene. (more…)

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Tuskegee Experiment 4Tuskegee Lessons

“We were treated unhuman at all times. Nobody knows what we went through except those of us who are living participants right today.” Herman Shaw

Dr. Vanessa Northington Gamble, a physician and medical historian, chaired the presidential committee on the legacy of Tuskegee that secured an apology from the government. She writes this commentary to mark the 30th anniversary of the news reports that unmasked the study:

I was there when President Clinton said the words, “I am sorry.” Tears streamed down the faces of many black people in the audience. I heard people sobbing. The pain inflicted by the syphilis study was not limited to the citizens in and around Tuskegee. For many African Americans, the fact that the Tuskegee study occurred at all proves their lives are not valued in America. (more…)

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