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Margaret Thatcher, prime minister, in 1980. Photograph: PA/PA Archive

UK reimbursed in excess of €111 billion by EU since 1985
By Georgi Gotev, 2016

Thanks to the “UK rebate” won by Margaret Thatcher, over the last three decades, the United Kingdom has been reimbursed more than €111 billion from the EU budget […].

[In] the Brexit referendum, the European Commission missed the chance to highlight the fact that the UK has the best deal with the EU. Based on publicly available data, calculations show that beginning in 1985, when it was used for the first time, until 2014, the last year for which budget data is available, London was refunded a total of €111,124.10, or £85.5 billion, by Brussels. This is roughly the yearly amount of the EU budget.

Credit goes to Margaret Thatcher, who on 25 June 1984, at the Fontainebleau European Council, snatched the so-called “UK rebate”, by threatening to halt payments to the Communities budget unless she didn’t get a rebate. (more…)

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EU budget: what’s happening to the British rebate?
From Fullfact.org, 2012

“OUTRAGE erupted last night after a secret European Union plot to grab £5.6billlion more from British taxpayers was exposed […] The move would slash Britain’s annual rebate from the European Union, won in hard-fought negotiations by Margaret Thatcher in 1984.” — Daily Express, November 15, 2012

“EU summit chair says rebate is being retained, but changes to way it is calculated mean cut of €1bn a year, say UK officials” — The Guardian, November 15, 2012

Next Thursday the European Union Council will convene to reach an agreement on the EU budget for the next seven years.

Today’s Daily Express puts the spotlight on a “secret European Union plot to grab £5.6 billion more from British taxpayers.” It’s been frequently reported by the press that the European Parliament is pushing for a spending increase. So, exactly how secret is this plot?

The evidence is a “leaked document from EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy” detailing proposals for raising the UK’s payment to Brussels by £800million a year for the next seven years. (more…)

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Cumbria’s floods can’t just be blamed on the ‘climate change bogeyman’
By Andrew Montford, 10 December 2015

The flooding in Cumbria came at a bad time for those who make their living hyping global warming. Pretty much everyone who might have wanted to listen to their message was focused on the global climate talks in Paris and far too busy to worry about what was happening in Carlisle and Keswick.

But that hasn’t stopped a few people from trying to take advantage. The Met Office’s chief scientist Julia Slingo was unable to resist the temptation to issue a statement linking the floods to climate change. This was handy for Liz Truss, the minister in the firing line for the failure of the flood defences, who repeated the claims yesterday. (more…)

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Nuclear Leaks 8: Sellafield aka Windscale
By Histories of Things to Come, April 24, 2011

In 2005, Britain experienced a significant nuclear accident that was not widely reported in the UK. The story was initially covered in the German press. Wiki: “At Sellafield, 20 metric tons of uranium and 160 kilograms of plutonium dissolved in 83,000 litres of nitric acid leaked over several months from a cracked pipe into a stainless steel sump chamber at the Thorp nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. The partially processed spent fuel was drained into holding tanks outside the plant.” (more…)

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Cumbria, UK: Nuclear waste dump mineshaft fracking mess!
From Above Top Secret, Jan, 5 2013

Welcome to Cumbria, also known as the Lake District, my home. It is situated in the North West of England, and is the last place before Scotland. It is one of the world’s most beautiful natural places.

Cumbria is predominantly rural and contains the Lake District and Lake District National Park, considered one of England’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty, serving as inspiration for artists, writers, and musicians. Much of Cumbria is mountainous, and it contains every peak in England over 900 metres (3,000 ft) above sea level, with Scafell Pike at 978 metres (3,209 ft) being the highest point of England. (more…)

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How the Moorside nuclear power plant will look

Details of new nuclear power station project in Cumbria revealed
From News and Stars, 16 May 2016

NuGen has detailed what will be involved in its £10bn Moorside project as it gets set to apply to the Government for a development consent order that will licence and authorise construction near Sellafield. As part of the application to the Secretary of State, NuGen – a joint venture between Toshiba and ENGIE – has released more information about the huge project.

The public get their chance to have their say when a major 11-week consultation begins on Saturday. This consultation … is an opportunity for the public to see how the project has developed. Fergus McMorrow, NuGen’s planning lead in Cumbria, said:

“It is extremely important that everyone gets an opportunity to come and have their say.
“This consultation is the second of two public consultations. The first took place over 10 weeks from May 2015 and we welcomed over 1,800 people through the doors of our events. (more…)

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Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies
By Ted Jeory and  Jon Stone, 12 July 2016

The relatively unknown investment fund where Theresa May’s husband Philip works as a senior executive is one of the world’s largest and most powerful financial institutions, controlling $1.4 trillion in assets. Its portfolio also includes $20 billion of shares in Amazon and Starbucks, both of which were cited by the Prime Minister-designate in her pledge to crack down on tax avoidance yesterday.

Latest filings to US authorities show that Los Angeles based Capital Group owns huge stakes in a variety of companies, including investment bank JP Morgan Chase, defence giant Lockheed Martin, tobacco company Philip Morris International, the pharmaceutical sector’s Merck & Co, and also Ryanair. (more…)

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