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Image result for mccain memeWhence the Attacks on John McCain?
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Summary. For some years now there have been steady attacks on the valor and patriotism of Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona). McCain was a Navy aviator, shot down over North Vietnam on 26 October 1967 and released at Operation Homecoming in March 1973. He was severely injured in his ejection and landing and endured unspeakable tortures. The attacks on McCain originate almost entirely from a small number of Vietnam veterans. Many of his attackers accuse him of collaborating with his Vietnamese captors, in spite of testimony from other POWs as to his bravery, leadership, and valorous conduct. Why and from where come the attacks on McCain? The source of the attacks on McCain is, mainly, one MIA “activist” who accuses McCain of treasonous activities; his accusations are based on misquotes, misrepresentations, and Vietnamese wartime propaganda. Yet, this story has gained the status of gospel among the McCain haters and the MIA “activists.” Read on for the rest of the story.

UPDATE: 15 June 2008. (more…)


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