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Image result for aristide and chavezHAITI & VENEZUELA–COUP & EMPIRE (Part II)
by Stan Goff

Part 1 Here

Class and Complexity in Haiti

In this part of the world, it never pays to be intellectually lazy on these issues. They’re tricky.

Haiti has two predominant ruling classes, one based on land and one based on money. Duvalier’s base was among the landed class that exploited peasants in a sharecropping system. Their dominance was challenged by the mechanized capitalist form of agriculture that was imposed on much of the island in conjunction with the 19-year US Marine occupation of Haiti from 1915-1934. This accounts for Duvalier’s hostility to the US, which was only resolved when both Duvalier and the US were alarmed by a leftist uprising in Haiti. Duvalier massacred the communists, and from then on the US and Papa Doc were on fine terms. 9http://www .iacenter.org/haiti/ray-intv.htm)

But the class of cosmopolitans in Haiti who have survived through international trade sought the lowest price for export crops grown on these tenant plots, while the big landowners sought the highest price, (more…)

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Image result for chavez and aristideHAITI & VENEZUELA – COUP & EMPIRE (Part I)

Stan Goff exposes the underlying forces driving the current crisis in Haiti. The recent coup d’etat is only the latest in two centuries of violent transfers of power in that country – but today the regional balance of forces is refreshingly new. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has foiled a series of desperate CIA attempts to gain control of that oil-producing nation.

While the Bush administration arrogantly plays the same the old game in the same old way, using the same old felons and convicted murderers, new rules are being written by an awakening transnational solidarity in the hemisphere. Markets, privatization of natural resources, drug routes, cheap labor – all are at stake in the US elite’s scramble for Haiti. But Goff shows how an even more important motivation is stinging the Bush junta into frenzied action: when white supremacy is symbolically wounded, others have to bleed. (more…)

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President David Arthur Granger of Guyana addresses attendees during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 29, 2015.President David Arthur Granger of Guyana. Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Guyana Strikes Oil
What the Windfall Means for the Country—and the Region
By Raúl Gallegos, Foreign Affairs, 02-02-2017

Nearly 40 years ago, tragedy struck Guyana when [Jim Jones got] nearly 1,000 of his followers [in Jonestown to get killed while the story got sold as] hole up in their socialist commune and commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. The “Jonestown” massacre earned top billing in the news. On its cover, Time magazine ran a photo of dead bodies strewn next to a vat filled with the poisoned drink.

Guyana now faces another threat […] on a much larger scale. The tiny South American country of roughly 800,000 people recently discovered a massive amount of oil in its territorial waters. (Venezuela also claims that territory.) The U.S. energy giant ExxonMobil, which made the discovery, suggests the (more…)

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