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US apologizes for infecting Guatemalans with STDs in the 1940s

By CNN, 2010

The United States apologized Friday for a 1946-1948 research study in which people in Guatemala were intentionally infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

A statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called the action “reprehensible.”

“We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices,” the joint statement said. “The conduct exhibited during the study does not represent the values of the United States, or our commitment to human dignity and great respect for the people of Guatemala.” (more…)

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Julius Rosenwald and Booker T Washington

Rosenwald and the Tuskegee Experiments

Begun in 1909 and published in 1928, the Oslo study reported on the natural history of untreated syphilis in a group of white males.  The racist assumptions then prevalent in American medicine biased physicians to assume that the disease would probably follow a different course in African-American males.  Hence white scientists saw value in replicating such a study among Black people in the U.S.

Macon County, east of Montgomery, was part of the “black belt” of Alabama so-called because of the rich dark soil.  It was home to the Tuskegee Institute, the foremost black college in the nation, run by Booker T. Washington. The county had few towns and was primarily populated by poor farmers, 90% of them African American.  In the 1930s it was severely depressed economically; and as in all of the South, public facilities were rigidly segregated.  The state spent $65 annually for each white student in the county schools, but only $7 for each black student.  The county had few doctors and only two hospitals, one of which, John Andrew Hospital, was on the grounds of the Tuskegee Institute and was primarily intended for Institute staff and students, even though it also served as the major source of medical care for much of the black community. (more…)

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Theft of Organs UPIsraeli Organ Harvesting
The New “Blood Libel”?
by ALISON WEIR, 2009

Last week Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing shocking material: testimony and circumstantial evidence indicating that Israelis may have been harvesting internal organs from Palestinian prisoners without consent for many years.

Worse yet, some of the information reported in the article suggests that in some instances Palestinians may have been captured with this macabre purpose in mind.

In the article, “Our sons plundered for their organs,” veteran journalist Donald Bostrom writes that Palestinians “harbor strong suspicions against Israel for seizing young men and having them serve as the country’s organ reserve – a very serious accusation, with (more…)

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Hospital NurseryGov Genome Project to Sequence DNA of All US Babies at Birth
By Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism, October 11 2013

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has invested $25 million into a project to identify the DNA structure of American infants entitled the 2013 Genomic Sequencing and Newborn Screening Disorders (GSNSD) research program.

Funding for this project is provided by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). (more…)

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Chemo PatientThe Health Conspiracy
By Eric Dubay

“Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced … I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.” W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

It is beyond the scope of this book, but research and you will find that cancer, now killing 1 in every 3 Americans, is one of the biggest scams in medical history.

Carcinogens are intentionally being put in your water, sodas, processed foods and pesticides to be sprayed on crops. (more…)

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By Byron J. Richards (2006) [edited]

The United States government and especially the FDA have placed the vast resources of our federal government behind a twisted public healthcare agenda that perpetuates the profits of the elite and the unspoken primary agenda of eugenics. Public healthcare policy is a system designed to convince Americans to hand over their remaining freedoms, as a decayed government grapples to maintain control over its increasingly restless citizens.

In a free society, a majority of individuals can establish an emotional bond in the doctor-patient relationship that inspires hopefulness. There are many healthcare options a patient may choose to fortify personal health, options that are naturally embraced by physicians whom have the patient as their top priority. (more…)

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Truth or DareDying to Make a Profit
By Chris Ryan with Charles St-Onge, 2009

Part 1

Health insurance companies still want to convince the public that they can manage their duty to their shareholders without effecting patient care, and that they are in fact a force for good when it comes to quality of treatment and increasing health outcomes. If they manage patient care properly and reduce costs, will that not help bring down insurance costs for everyone? Is not some amount of “rationing of care” necessary to keep costs under control? (Most Americans live in dread of the idea of “rationed care,” which seems like such an un-American concept. The truth is that care is already rationed.)

This may be true, if the motive for the rationing was purely to benefit the policyholder. The rationing could then even be construed as the insurance company upholding its fiduciary duty to the insured. (more…)

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Truth or DareDying to Make a Profit; The Conflict of Interest that Publicly Traded Health Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know!
By Chris Ryan with Charles St-Onge, 2009 [Edited]

[The Vatican] pointed out what seems on reflection to be stunningly obvious: “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” Yet for years public health insurance companies have convinced Americans that you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can have it both ways: deliver quality, affordable health care to the consumer while generating a profit for your shareholders.

The American health insurance industry may well have accomplished one of the greatest triumphs of rhetoric over common sense in recorded history. They have successfully convinced the public, and perhaps even themselves, that not even the government cares about their health as much as they do. (more…)

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Doctor WHO 'Curing' Small PoxWHO for Health Experimentation and Control

As the World Health Organization (WHO) seems like a front store corporation for implementing the New World Order, I set out to find more information on their claims. All I needed to do was to look at the search engine results.

Of course, the WHO was to give its own version of its claimed success. However, the information was ‘not available in English’. It is no problem, because I doubt they would offer to explain how AIDS replaced smallpox in Africa. (There are many excellent sites that discuss the difference between HIV (natural) and AIDS (purposeful).)

A coincidence? Much too much coinciding. Here are the search engine results that made it clear that WHO or NWO vaccines and gentech drugs, have nothing to do with cure. (more…)

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