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The Worst Movies of the Best ActorsHurricane Harvey and Irma Relief Fund for SAG-AFTRA Members

If you need help, ask. If you can help, give.

We have all been following the tragic events of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Our hearts are with all of the people who have been affected in the region as they look ahead at rebuilding their lives.

The Foundation and theSAG-AFTRA Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund (MPPWF) have started a Hurricane Relief Fund to provide urgent financial support to SAG-AFTRA members and families affected by the recent storms and flooding. We are partnering with The Actors Fund to administer the relief efforts on the ground, ensuring all SAG-AFTRA members receive the help they need. (more…)

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Image result for airplane in chainsSerco Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract to Deliver Base Support Services to the Canadian Department of National Defence
September 27, 2016

RESTON, VIRGINIA – September 27, 2016 – Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services, announced today that the Company has been awarded a contract by Public Services and Procurement Canada to continue providing site support services at the 5 Wing Canadian Forces Base in Goose Bay, Canada. The contract has two base years valued in total at approximately Can$115 million, and two additional one-year option periods.

Under the contract, Serco will continue to perform the majority of the non-military operation and maintenance functions at this base, which is located in Central Labrador. The services include: Aviation Services, including Air Traffic Control and Navaids; Logistics Services, including Warehouse Operations, (more…)

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Part-NCC Support ASL Aviation group acquires TNT airline operations

ASL Aviation Group has acquired the airline operations of TNT Express N.V. (hereafter TNT Express), comprised of TNT Airways (Belgium) and Pan Air Líneas Aéreas (Spain). The two airlines are to be renamed ASL Airlines Belgium and ASL Airlines Spain respectively.

ASL’s offer to acquire the two TNT Express airlines was announced on February 5th, 2016 and was conditional on the intended acquisition of TNT Express by FedEx. On May 18th, 2016, the FedEx offer to acquire TNT was declared unconditional. In conjunction with the transaction, ASL Aviation Group has entered a multi-year service agreement to operate flights for the new FedEx-TNT combination. ASL Aviation Group will continue to serve multiple airline customers. (more…)

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mustard gas in desertHow easy is it to make sarin?
By Paul Woodward, 2013

“It’s not hard to make sarin. You could mix it in the backyard. Two chemicals melded together.” — Seymour Hersh interviewed on CNN, December 9, 2013.

The idea that the chemical warfare agent, sarin, is easy to make is central to Seymour Hersh’s claim that the August 21 attacks killing hundreds of Syrians could have been carried out by the rebel group, the Al Nusra Front. (With unquestioning confidence in the reliability of his source(s), Hersh rests this claim on classified intelligence reports none of which he claims to have seen.)

Hersh’s backyard sarin production appears to be concocted from fiction. The only non-state actor known to have engaged in large-scale sarin production was the Japanese cult, Aum Shinrikyo. (more…)

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An estimated 25 percent of G4S employees in the United States are military veterans.

G4S continuously conducts military hiring events and has been recognized consistently for its full range of military outreach initiatives:

  • 2015 Large Company Pro Patria Award, Florida Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
  • G4S was named to the 2014 G.I. Jobs Top 100 Military Friendly Employers® list for the fifth consecutive year
  • In October 2014, Brian Reynolds, Military/Veterans Recruiting Manager for G4S Secure Solutions, was named the Employer Initiative Program Director for the Florida Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program


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Bilderberg 2016: The Elephant in the Lobby
By Charlie Skelton, 3 June 2016

On Thursday of next week, at a luxury hotel in central Dresden, the doors of the annual Bilderberg policy conference will be flung open. Not to members of the press, mind. In fact, perhaps “flung” is overstating it. Gingerly, behind a battalion of armed police, private security and secret service bodyguards, the hotel door will be cracked ajar, and in will slide a handpicked few of the most senior corporate executives in the world: board members of transnational banks, chairmen of global energy companies, and the owners of vast industrial and media conglomerates.

Scurrying in behind the bank bosses and hedge-fund billionaires will be a clutch of extremely senior politicians from around Europe: Chancellors, PMs, party leaders and finance ministers. Last year, the President of Austria and the Prime Ministers of Holland and Belgium took part in the discussions. Our own esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer, (more…)

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The Michigan government water torture
From Illicit Articles (Jan. 28 2016)

Who would HB 4540 actually benefit? Enbridge. Notice “Line 6B”? That pipeline burst into the Kalamazoo River back in 2010, and there was a major state cover-up to hide the facts. HB 4540 would just make it easier to make another cover-up the next time a pipeline leaks oil into our Great Lakes and rivers.

Well, things are finally looking better for Flint, now that they’ve gotten a lead-free water source, millions of bottles of water, and hometown band King 810 promising to save them all. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, we can take one step ahead while taking two steps back.

House Bill 4540, originally sponsored by state representative Kurt Heise, is a bill that was introduced solely to conceal information about oil and gas pipelines from being public information. It is basically an amendment added on to the state Freedom Of Information Act, and will make it a requirement for anybody who wants to (more…)

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