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South Africa: FW De Klerk & Friends to Government – Stop Creating Bogeymen and Start Addressing Real Issues

It’s 27 years this week since FW de Klerk announced the unbanning of the ANC, but South Africa’s last apartheid president isn’t done talking yet. At the annual conference of his foundation in Cape Town, De Klerk did not mince his words when describing his fears for the white population of the country. Economist Moeletsi Mbeki urged the government to stop scapegoating and to abandon a posture of “victimhood”. Pepkor billionaire Christo Wiese, meanwhile, expressed a need for a business-friendly environment.

FW de Klerk has made no secret of his differences with South Africa’s current government in recent years, but on Thursday he delivered perhaps his harshest condemnation to date. In front of a well-heeled, majority white audience in Cape Town – including the likes of South Africa’s richest woman Wendy Appelbaum and (more…)

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President David Arthur Granger of Guyana addresses attendees during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 29, 2015.President David Arthur Granger of Guyana. Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Guyana Strikes Oil
What the Windfall Means for the Country—and the Region
By Raúl Gallegos, Foreign Affairs, 02-02-2017

Nearly 40 years ago, tragedy struck Guyana when [Jim Jones got] nearly 1,000 of his followers [in Jonestown to get killed while the story got sold as] hole up in their socialist commune and commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. The “Jonestown” massacre earned top billing in the news. On its cover, Time magazine ran a photo of dead bodies strewn next to a vat filled with the poisoned drink.

Guyana now faces another threat […] on a much larger scale. The tiny South American country of roughly 800,000 people recently discovered a massive amount of oil in its territorial waters. (Venezuela also claims that territory.) The U.S. energy giant ExxonMobil, which made the discovery, suggests the (more…)

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The Simple, Literal Explanation
Patrick Byrne, Mark Mitchell, 2008

Part 1, here

You and I enter a stock trade. You buy a share of stock from me.  You hand over your money, and I hand over the share of stock. That is called, “settlement.”

It may surprise you to learn that there are loopholes in our nation’s regulations that permit some people, when it comes time to settle, to hand over nothing but an IOU.  By using one of these loopholes, when the time comes for settlement I can take your money but say, “I’m not delivering you any stock. I’m just giving you an IOU for a share of stock that I will deliver later.”

There are reasons these loopholes came into existence. If someone made a mistake by signing the wrong line on a form, for example, or mistakenly sold more shares than he really had, one would not want the (more…)

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Image result for magic moneyThe Simple, Metaphorical Explanation
Patrick Byrne, Mark Mitchell, 2008

When [we] travel to another country, the first thing we do when we land is change some US dollars into the local currency. Perhaps you change enough to get a cab to the hotel, go out and buy a meal, etc. For the duration of your stay you keep changing your dollars into the local currency to get around. Then when you are ready to leave, you take whatever you have left and you convert it back into dollars, or spend it, or give it away, and board the plane back to the United States.

Yet imagine that there are some travelers [who] are allowed to take a small machine that prints out the local currency. If they are in Paris, it prints out Euros. If they are in London, it spits out British Pounds. When in Mexico City, it prints pesos. And so on and so forth. On every trip, however, this special “currency machine” keeps track of how many (more…)

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Image result for amtrak model trainAmway – Mafia Like Business
By Evelyn J Pringle

Professor G Robert Blakey was retained as an expert witness in the 1998 Procter & Gamble v Amway lawsuit to issue an opinion on Amway’s business practices. Blakey is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on organized crime and after studying its business structure and functions, Blakey determined that the Amway business is run in a manner that is parallel to the businesses run by members of organized crime, “consisting of associated enterprises engaging in patterns of legal and illegal activity.” Pyramid schemes that include little or no sales to retail customers are illegal. Because the tool pyramids sell to Amway distributors only, and not to retail customers, the tool pyramids are illegal. (more…)

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Image result for rockefeller logoItalian Election Fraud leaves Rockefeller, Agnelli Vulnerable
EIR, Vol. 3, 1976

June 25 (NSIPS)-Proceeding with a pre-announced computer scenario intended to establish “ungovernability” as the all-pervading fact of Italian political life, FIAT financial-industrial emperor Gianni Agnelli, with the direction and aid of Rockefeller U.S.-based “private” in­telligence agencies, rigged the June 21 Italian general elections. Increasing the vote of the Atlanticist wing of the ruling Christian Democrats (DC) and the Atlanticist-led Communist Party (PCI), Agnelli arranged wholesale vote fraud against the three principal anti-Atlanticist forces in the country: the Mancini wing of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), the European Labor Party (ELP), and the anti-Rockefeller DC faction of Budget Minister Guilio Andreotti, which lost parliamentary seats amid the overall increase” in DC strength.

The intended immediate result of the election rigging is political chaos. Because the DC, under the whip of Rockefeller-Agnelli stooge Ugo La Malfa and (more…)

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Part-NCC Support ASL Aviation group acquires TNT airline operations

ASL Aviation Group has acquired the airline operations of TNT Express N.V. (hereafter TNT Express), comprised of TNT Airways (Belgium) and Pan Air Líneas Aéreas (Spain). The two airlines are to be renamed ASL Airlines Belgium and ASL Airlines Spain respectively.

ASL’s offer to acquire the two TNT Express airlines was announced on February 5th, 2016 and was conditional on the intended acquisition of TNT Express by FedEx. On May 18th, 2016, the FedEx offer to acquire TNT was declared unconditional. In conjunction with the transaction, ASL Aviation Group has entered a multi-year service agreement to operate flights for the new FedEx-TNT combination. ASL Aviation Group will continue to serve multiple airline customers. (more…)

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