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What do the 1992 crash of El Al Flt 1862 and 9/11 have in common?
From WTC Demolition, by Keenan, 2009-10-10

October 4, 2009 marked the 17th anniversary of the worst air disaster in Dutch history. It also was the date of the beginning of one of the largest scandals and cover-ups in the history of the Dutch government and it involved Israel, Mossad, the US, El Al, secret and illegal chemical weapons transfers, unconfirmed allegations of weapons-grade plutonium, and as many as 2,000 local residents and firemen eventually reporting health complaints they believe were caused by the crash. Many reported loss of hair in the weeks after the crash, a sign of radiation disease.

Oh, and what was the US doing sending massive amounts of WMD’s to the Middle East? So, the US has long been concerned about keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction out of the Middle East – MY ASS!

Remember this story when you next hear some cable news pundit pontificating about why we have to bomb those nasty people in the Middle East. (more…)

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4 October 1992, El Al Flight 1862
From Tailstrike, Cockpit Voice Recorder Database

On 4 October 1992, El Al Flight 1862, a Boeing 747 cargo plane of the Israeli airline El Al, crashed into the Groeneveen and Klein-Kruitberg flats in the Bijlmermeer (colloquially “Bijlmer”) neighbourhood (part of Amsterdam Zuidoost) of Amsterdam, Netherlands. A total of 43 people were killed, consisting of the plane’s crew of three and a non-revenue passenger in a jump seat, plus 39 persons on the ground. Many more were injured.

The aircraft, a Boeing 747-258F, registration 4X-AXG, was traveling from New York to Tel Aviv and made a stopover at Schiphol. During the flight from New York to Schiphol, three issues were noted:

  • fluctuations in the autopilot speed regulation,
  • problems with the shortwave radio, and
  • fluctuations in the voltage of engine number three.

The jet landed at Schiphol at 2:31 pm local time. New cargo was loaded into the plane; the cargo had been (more…)

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Chemical plane crash inquiry

From BBC News, Jan. 27 1999 [Edited]

A long-awaited inquiry into the crash of an Israeli cargo jet into an Amsterdam apartment complex has opened in The Hague.

A Dutch parliamentary commission is to find out whether the crash six years ago was responsible for serious medical problems subsequently reported by rescue workers and local residents. It will also look into the cause of the disaster.

Israel admitted last year that the plane was carrying a chemical used to produce a deadly nerve gas. The inquiry will look at whether this or possibly radioactive substances contributed to the illnesses.

The commission, sitting in the upper house of parliament, plans to interview 75 people by the end of March.

Black box never found
The El Al Boeing 747 crashed on 4 October 1992 shortly after take-off from Schipol Airport, killing 43 people, most of them on the ground. (more…)

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