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Image result for debt crisisTHE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEBT
By Carolyn Baker, 2006

Never before have political leaders urged such large-scale indebtedness on American consumers to rally the economy. — Kevin Phillips, in American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics Of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money In The Twenty-First Century

In a recent conversation with a friend, a married mother of three, she anxiously confided that although she has never been scared about money in her entire adult life, she now, in her mid-forties, finds herself feeling terrified. “Sometimes I wonder,” she said tentatively, “if it’s our own fault or if it’s the world we now live in. I’ve never worked harder in my life, but I’ve never found myself and my family falling so far behind financially.”

[Many] are no doubt hearing similar anguish issuing from the mouths of friends and family, and in all likelihood, thinking similar thoughts, but they know that the frightening quagmire of debt in which (more…)


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World BankT H E    M O N E Y C H A N G E R
Vol.1, No.6, December, 1987

Beware the bankers bearing gifts

An interview with Mr. George Hunt

MONEYCHANGER – What was the Fourth World Wilderness Congress that took place September 11th through September 18th?

HUNT – It was billed as a world-wide meeting to address global  environmental concerns. As far as the public was concerned, it was  produced by a chap named Ian Player, a wealthy, wealthy industrialist of (I believe) English descent. I’m sure he’d be in Who’s Who and so on. As I found out it was not really produced by him, but by the moneychangers in London and Europe. (more…)

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