Anti-Globalization Movement Essays-Battle in Seattle | In ...WTO Protests in Seattle
By Anup Shah, Global Issues, 1999

At the end of November 1999, Seattle saw major governments meet at a WTO ministerial meeting to discuss various trading rules. Seattle also saw free speech cracked down on in the name of free trade. Enormous public protests ensued. There were many differences in the perspectives of developing and industrialized nations on the current reality of free trade and how it affected them. It resulted in a WTO failure to agree on many issues, without adopting any resolutions. Developing countries were sidelined and one delegate even physically barred from a meeting, according to the previous link.

Media Portrayal

Once more, the mainstream media coverage in the US about such a major event was very much lacking. It was pretty much corporate led and therefore concentrating on the sensationalism of the violent aspects Continue Reading »


4 GATT to 6 WTO

GATT vs WTODifference Between GATT and WTO

What is GATT?

The GATT is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. It was created in 1948 with the aim of bolstering international trade by reducing trade barriers between countries through negotiations.

The GATT was established under the International Trade Organization (ITO) under the aegis of the UN. However, the ITO got sidelined as the US refused to ratify it. The last round of GATT was held in Uruguay in 1993.

The GATT started with 23 members, and was was instrumental in associating over one hundred more members till it got renamed WTO. Though there were rules in the GATT for resolution of disputes, it did not have enforcement power.

What is WTO?

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Iran, Oil and Strait of HormuzAttacking Iran –
By ING, 2007 [Edited]

The market impact of a surprise Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities

The financial markets are assuming that an Israeli or US attack on Iran is unlikely. However, an imminent build-up of US forces in the Gulf suggest that they could be in for a shock.

An imminent attack would seem unlikely, given the weakness of the US administrations, and hopes for regime change in Iran. However, Iran’s threats that it will acquire nuclear weapons within two years, suggest that President Bush may sanction action before he leaves office at the end of 2008. And, within a month the US will have two aircraft carrier battle groups and a new expeditionary Marine strike force in the Persian Gulf, which might provide a shield for an Israeli bombing of Iran’s facilities. Continue Reading »

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Villatri - Informaciones: febrero 2012ING Bank to Pay $619 Million Fine in Largest Ever US Economic Sanctions Penalty
From Steptoe.com, June 18, 2012

On June 12, 2012, ING Bank, N.V. (ING Bank), a [Dutch] financial institution, agreed to forfeit $619 million to settle criminal charges brought by the United States and the State of New York and civil claims raised by the US Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  ING Bank was charged with conspiring to violate US economic sanctions and with violating New York state laws by illegally moving billions of dollars through the US financial system on behalf of Cuban and Iranian entities.  The $619 million fine is the largest ever against a financial institution in connection with an investigation into US sanctions violations and related offenses. Continue Reading »

RottIng thIng

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ING Bank N.V. Agrees to Forfeit $619 Million for Illegal Transactions with Cuban and Iranian Entities

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 [Excerpt]

WASHINGTON – ING Bank N.V., a financial institution headquartered in Amsterdam, has agreed to forfeit $619 million to the Justice Department and the New York County District Attorney’s Office for conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) and for violating New York state laws by illegally moving billions of dollars through the U.S. financial system on behalf of sanctioned Cuban and Iranian entities.  The bank has also entered into a parallel settlement agreement with the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Continue Reading »

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Dutch Prosecutors Probe ING Bank for Money Laundering, Corruption

Published: 22 March 2017

ING Bank confirmed on Wednesday it is being investigated by Dutch prosecutors for money laundering and corruption. Local media say the probe is related to a bribery case in Uzbekistan.

A bank spokesman said the investigation could result in “significant” fines and penalties, but didn’t confirm a report from Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad that it is linked to corruption accusations against the daughter of former Uzbek president involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Given that the matter is under investigation we cannot comment further other than that we cooperate with the investigations,” ING Bank spokesman Raymond Vermeulen said in an e-mail to OCCRP. Continue Reading »

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Photos: 11 of the world's most high-tech farms - Page 6 ...Rothschild  Sells Stake to Rabobank
News 2008

As lenders globally continue to write off and provision for a significant volume of soured loans, UK’s Rothschild group, one of the world’s leading investment banking organizations, has posted record results. The bank has been able to maintain its very strong performance again this year, despite the credit crunch, economic slowdown and the threat of a U.S. recession, with investment banking and corporate banking businesses both producing record revenues.

The bank, according to Timesonline – reported a 31%, 459 million euro, improvement in profits. In addition, record results from the organization’s advisory and private banking operations enabled the bank to pay record bonuses to its 2,700 people in June. Continue Reading »