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By Rodney Stich [Excerpted]

Association Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO); Association of National Security Alumni
International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI); Lawyers Pilots Bar Association (LPBA)
Former FAA air safety investigator; Former airline captain and Navy pilot

July 30, 1996

V. Stewart Daley, Special Agent

Ref: TWA Flight 800; SAM missiles offered to US and rejected; and July 24, 1996 meeting with FBI agent.

Dear Sir:

The purpose of this letter is to make a record relating to what transpired during a meeting and (more…)


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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-50Xbuge9PAQ/U-iVd7-X1iI/AAAAAAAAD6Y/JwhCCrFqeoo/s185/CMT%2520Armfelt.pngCarl Armfelt and the World Anti Communist League

Carl Magnus Torsten Armfelt was closely connected with the WACL during the 1970’s and 1980’s, and with the chief of Dutch Intelligence, Cornelis van den Heuvel, who chaired organizations like Civis Mundi, Interdoc, and the Atlantic Commission at his office in the Hague, located at van Stolkweg 10. When I visited him in 1977 and told him that I was investigating the Korean-based Moon Organization, he showed me the map with the proceedings of the WACL-meetings, that he attended in the past, including all the members from Belgium, Holland, England, Sweden, White Russia, U.S.A., Japan, and South Korea.

The WACL was directed from Taipeh, Seoul, Tokyo and Mexico City, where the Tecos movement was located. When I wrote a letter to the Secretary of WACL in Taipeh, I received information about their comrades from Holland: Professor Vos of Leyden University, Prosper Ego of OSL in Rotterdam, and Ad Ploeg, member of Dutch parliament. Right now, the University of Leyden and the Korean Institute can (more…)

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Theresa May husband, Theresa May, Philip John MayPhilip John May, Theresa May’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
By Daniel S. Levine, June 30, 2016, Updated July 13, 2016 [Edited]

Former U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May took over as Prime Minister of the U.K. on Wednesday, as Cameron turned over the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Here’s a look at Philip John May.

1. Does May Own Shares in Security Firm G4S? No

An online rumor that continues to follow May to this day is that he owned shares or had a major executive position at G4S, an international security firm. This rumor began on blogs, (more…)

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unwanted-babies-for-sale-in-france-early-1940s-489x700Poison to the Heart Represents Both Murder of 3rd Trimester Babies and its Doctrine – An In-depth Look at Abortion
By Lisa Muhler

The New York State Assembly voted a resounding 94-49 Wednesday to approve a bill that would allow third trimester abortions using procedures such as a shot of poison to the baby’s heart by medical professionals who won’t necessarily be doctors.

National Right to Life, highlighted the approval of the bill, AB 6221. The bill was culled from the previous 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which was broken down into stand-alone bills. (more…)

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Theft of Organs UPIsraeli Organ Harvesting
The New “Blood Libel”?
by ALISON WEIR, 2009

Last week Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing shocking material: testimony and circumstantial evidence indicating that Israelis may have been harvesting internal organs from Palestinian prisoners without consent for many years.

Worse yet, some of the information reported in the article suggests that in some instances Palestinians may have been captured with this macabre purpose in mind.

In the article, “Our sons plundered for their organs,” veteran journalist Donald Bostrom writes that Palestinians “harbor strong suspicions against Israel for seizing young men and having them serve as the country’s organ reserve – a very serious accusation, with (more…)

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Corpse TagIsraelis detained for organ harvesting in Romania
By Uprooted Palestinian, February 21, 2013

Jewish news agency JTA, reported on February 20, 2013 that Romanian police detained two Israeli medical personnel, Dr. Dr. Rapahel Ron-El, a fertility specialist at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in central Israel and his technical assistant Daphna Komarovsky for illegally harvesting eggs from local women. However, under pressure from powerful Jewish groups, both were released from police custody and put under house-arrest inside a hotel in Bucharest on Wednesday.

 The Romanian police source has claimed that these Israelis were targeting poor local students (more…)

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Wounded SoldierTHE NAMELESS WAR – I
by Captain A.H.M. Ramsay
(A Side of History not seen in the History books)

Australia, the victim (just one of many) of international thuggery.

The following article is a horrendous indictment of history and the political and education systems of the western world. It opens a pandora’s box of betrayal of “a nation’s people”—but which nation?

However, the material is presented in the public interest as an outline of the thuggery being perpetrated by those who would see themselves as world masters in the so-called New World Order being implemented by the puppet regime known as the United Nations. The material in (more…)

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