Aviation Suffering Serco

Aviation Infrastructure

A Full Range of Critical Technologies

Serco provides systems engineering, installation and maintenance for the full range of critical technologies used in both military and civilian airports, including communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorological, and passenger screening and transport systems.

Drawing on our global base of experience and our knowledge of the local regulatory and security environment, Serco will help design the right mix of technologies to enable our customers to operate at world-class standards.

Airfield systems support safe and efficient operations across all the critical functions in an around the airspace. Tower systems are designed to create an optimal environment for air traffic control. And passenger systems help to move passengers swiftly through the airport and create an excellent passenger experience, while meeting the most rigorous security protocols.

We support a full range of aviation technologies, including:

  • Air traffic management systems (communication, navigation, surveillance, weather and automation)
  • Passenger screening & x-ray
  • Baggage & cargo screening
  • Telecommunications
  • Air Traffic Control simulation
  • Meteorological
  • Weather & wind scanning
  • Airfield lighting
  • Gate operations

Source: Serco Website



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